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About me and the service I offer

I am a Registered Nurse with over 33 years' experience and still enjoy my 17 year on-going career as a Specialist Breast Care Nurse. This places me in an unique position to help ladies such as yourself; and Uplift Bra Fitting is a natural extension of my nursing career which focuses on professional consultations, personal service and fittings.

Based in the Hamar Centre at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, my service is readily accessible for those living in Shropshire and Mid-Wales. I really don't mind wherever you are coming from – I am happy to provide consultation and bra fitting for you as I'm here to help! Consultation appointments at your home are also possible under certain circumstances.

As Uplift Bra Fitting, I will spend time with you, assisting and individually fitting you with a post surgery bra that fits and flatters, offering security and confidence. I aim to enhance your figure, gently restoring your shape so that you can feel completely confident in your appearance.

You do not have to "brave" lingerie shops and stores which do not always cater specifically for ladies who have undergone breast surgery, or sales assistants who do not fully understand and empathise with what you have been – or still may be – going through. Nor do you need to resort to buying online, over the phone or by post – with all the hassle that may incur.

Nothing beats being fitted by a fully trained and experienced person who also knows the importance of correctly fitting bra's and swimwear; especially if you also need to wear a prosthesis.

Doing things in the right order...

  1. Come for a bra fitting
  2. Make an appointment for a prosthesis
I must stress just how important it is to have the correct bra if you need or intend to wear a replacement breast form (prosthesis).

From my experience I always recommend that it is the best policy to come to me for a bra fitting before making an appointment for a prosthesis. That is the correct order in which to do it – not the other way round. It will save time and effort and you will get the best from both services.

Everything you need – in one place.

I aim to provide you with everything you need to look and feel as good as ever following your breast surgery. I stock a selection of lingerie, swimwear and tops from Amoena and Royce Lingerie – leading manufacturers of breast forms and lingerie – bringing you the best of fashionable, feminine and classic designs available today.

Whether you have undergone a full or partial mastectomy or had reconstruction, Amoena and Royce products used at Uplift Bra Fitting Service aim to ensure you feel comfortable and feminine, without sacrificing the quality and looks you are used to.
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